What Is Collective Unity?

We live in a divided society based on many things. Our divisions from one another include race, gender, level of education, and income brackets. These are all true, but the one aspect that should bridge us all together is that we are all human. Each of us feels pain, experience hardships, express our joys and sorrows rather verbal or non-verbal.

In the state of the world today, we have to seek a new approach like collective unity. We can be present in our different and unique identities respectfully and still show up for our community. There are ways to combat our differences by intentionally seeking to be educated in areas we are not knowledgable or what we may view as different.

Once we learn to address our individual biases or prejudices, we can approach others more wisely. It would prove that we sought to understand and not to judge. Communication is a vital asset. And should be used in all forms of relationships and levels of comprehension. As the word vividly points out, collective unity is an action that everyone plays a specific and significant role in building community.

For the success of future generations, we have to let go of the devices that keep us in our silos away from one another. We were not created on this earth to do things alone, and we’re not going to start now. Our children depend on us to show them how to navigate this world without the hatred, disconnections, and mentality that power triumphs people. It is on us to be better examples, advocates, and overall humans. In what ways can you bring collective unity to your home, family, workplace, church, or community?

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