Hello Warrior Woman,

What gives you Strength? How do you feel? Identify it? A question faced by many daily. It is one of the most complicated issues that we ask ourselves. Often our Strength is revealed to us by others who see our ability to move throughout a situation with precision and tenacity. Many not knowing that it is by God’s Power unto those of us who choose His way over our own.

The other day while at work, an employee asked, “Allie, can I talk to you? Absolutely! I replied,” before she could begin to say anything, I saw the heaviness in her face and all that she’d been through the past couple of months. She started talking about some of the things that she had been experiencing, including the illness of a parent. I just listened to her as it was clear she needed to get it all out. The last thing she said was, “I’m tired of always being so strong!” Immediately I grabbed and hugged her. I told her that God gives the fiercest battles to His strongest soldiers. “She said, I know, but I am tired.” That last statement was powerful! Many times, we lose sight of the most simplistic detail. God’s Strength increases when we were weak! That is why he forewarned us from the beginning of time.

To endure and combat suppressive thoughts of personal accolades, we need to attack this spiritually. For too long, we have lived under what must “I” do to finish this? “But God says, it is finished, My love. Let Me get you through these storms until salvation! This is proverbial, we face too many demons daily, and I have chosen not to fight this journey alone. Knowing this allows me to share His love and presence. With this, we must seek him, be it if our houses are empty or full, pour out to Him. Find an intimate space and time and just be willing and trust me. He will do the rest. God is a gentle and loving Father. Growing up, I remember waking up to my Mom, praying over us while we slept. Every night like clockwork, she was up praying. I would hear her say, “God cover them while also speaking in spiritual tongues.” My Mom showed me how to seek Him in the early morning hours. “The early bird catches the worm.”

The Holy Spirit is intimate; it brings you to a vulnerability to surrender. That is where we can find God. The Holy Spirit was given to us through surrender and a hollow soul needing to be filled. Apply only if you are tired, broken, weak, lost, confused, hopeless, or just numb and not knowing what to do. He is there to give us peace, comfort, love, joy, understanding, patience, hope, and an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11 (

We have to understand this is spiritual warfare and that the enemy uses our words against us to defeat us. What we think about we become. When we masticate and speak something in our lives rather excellent or indifferent, it begins to grow. Therefore, we have to be careful about how we allow ourselves to feel or think about situations and the life that we give them. God’s word says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (

God is my Strength, and therefore He gives me Strength. His Strength makes me feel powerful, always glowing from what it could have been. It is hoping for better. He has given me greater before I was a thought in my Mothers mind. We are all created with a stated purpose, not just here for our own living and selfish gain. The responsibility that we owe one another to be present in each other’s lives. Leave the past where it is, walking on to higher and better things. By demonstrating spiritual maturity and looking at this life only as such, then the focus on the picture is more precise, not blurry. This is called humbleness, but to get here, you have to meet humility. Together, the two will bring you to a concise understanding to allow God to do what he does and to back up. There is not a person on this earth who can make things happened that you never spoke verbally but only mentally to yourself. Now that’s the power of God!

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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