Spiritual Spring Cleansing

Updated: Jun 3

Hello Warrior Woman,

How often do you find yourself doing a spiritual cleanse? I find myself subconsciously doing this consistently. I am very particular about the energy I allow to be in my space. We are to keep our bodily temples clear and free of anything that interrupts the flow of positive frequencies and vibrancy. As an example, when we listen to music on a low level, we are relaxed and subtle but crank it up to a medium to loud level our bodies respond and make us want to get up, and dance or just sway side to side. (Side note: I am currently learning how to dance corporately in the company of others. LOL!!! I’ll keep you posted).

Many people, myself included love to be in a clean environment. When it is clean, we can function correctly. We can smell the cleanliness in the air all the time. Why do we not tend to the spiritual cleaning mechanism the same as well? As a disclaimer for those who have not read my previous post. I believe in and a follower of Jesus Christ. However, I do not judge anyone’s belief as long as the view is outside of self. In my opinion, and through my experience, my spiritual cleansing has saved me in many uncertain times.

In closing, Warrior Woman, it’s perfectly fine to be selfish with your spiritual cleansing. It’s in these times where you are shifting, strengthening, and growing out of the place or space that you once were. Think of the refreshing feeling received from taking a warm shower or a hot bath. Your spiritual being should feel that way all the time. Spiritual spring cleaning brings unspeakable joy, peace, contentment, clarity, and focus. Therefore, use this time of social distancing to get your spiritual spring cleaning in order.

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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