What Are Soul Ties?

(Originally Written 2/17/2020)

Hello Warrior Woman,

I have a question that has been on my mind. It has come up in many recent dialogues. “What are soul ties?”

Yes, I know we all have different perceptions of this question and how it has played a part in our lives. Right? For many, there is a constant struggle of living a life of abstinence. “The willpower to withstand a particular thing, feeling, or action that distracts us from our journey.”

My personal experience with “soul ties” was sexual intimacy with various women at one time. When I came out (instead, outed by a family member), I felt like I was free, and I wanted to experience it all! However, many of my experiences were overly emotional and ended with many violent actions displayed on my part. Somehow, I always found myself with submissive women, and I knew I could manipulate in some sense. This went on for 14 years, from 1999-2013. Although I only physically abused my first partner, we were together for five years. I still abused women mentally by manipulating them into doing what I wanted them to do, and I always controlled the narrative of everything. Over those 14 years, I was in 6 relationships, but I was still very promiscuous outside of those relationships. Many of my partners never knew of my infidelity to them, and even if they did would have never questioned me about it.

As I look back on my life, it saddens me to think of how I damaged a lot of those women. Then on the other side, I am grateful that God brought me out to tell my truths objectively. But I somehow still felt connected to many of them. Soul ties are a spiritual connection or attachment to someone who can make you do things under their control. Willingly and unwillingly, if a person can control your emotions, “this is a soul tie.” For the sake of this conversation and transparency. When we are sexually intimate with a person outside of marriage, we are depositing and collecting each other souls. A binding together. Most people feel as though they can turn that particular part off and just continue to sleep around with people with no recourse. However, that is not the case at all because the soul connects whether we want it to or not. Take, for instance, you have moved on from a relationship, but you find yourself doing something that is directly connected to the character of that person—soul tie.

In retrospect, we all want to be loved, adored, and appreciated, but it is not worth all the STDs (Spiritually Transmitted Demons) that are attached to that one act of weakness or complacency. We need to be primarily selfish with our souls because they are deeply connected to the brain. The brain is the battlefield and the most powerful organ to help us overcome what does not serves us spiritually. The heart cannot play an objective role in helping us move forward from something or someone because it is connected to our feelings as we know emotions are not a reliable source to depend upon as they are ever-changing.

Therefore, to break soul ties, we must first comprehend that they are present. Then, develop a plan of action to begin to break them, and all things directly connected to them. Once we can identify them, we can then free ourselves and allow our wings to spread so that the soul that was created for your specific soul can find its home. We have to learn to soar again and let our wings elevate us to heights that only by flying free can take us.

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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