Letting Go, To Grow

Hello Warrior Woman,

Have you ever found it hard to let a sure thing, habit, person, or situation go? This can be a daunting and emotional task. We believe in some cases that if we continue to be steadfast and not give up, then there may be hope. In many situations and circumstances, we are on the edge of the cliff, and we are holding on trying not to fall. Well, it is either you or those things that need to be released. Why is it challenging to choose survival for better? Yet, instead, we hold on to the dead things that no longer serve us positively or challenges us to grow. Can we honestly answer this question? I can. Many of my situations were with people that I chose to hold on wanting to see the good in them. Even when all shown were not so pretty sides. I stayed, choosing to believe that they would see the real character in them that I saw.

However, once I began to look at all things through the spiritual lens, I saw myself differently. A boldness activated within me, where I started to check the inventory of growth in my life. I assessed every person in my life and started to prune and weeded out who was no longer serving the path. Through growth and connecting with God, He showed me my purposeful way and the people who He did not intend to journey it with me. Once I accepted His plan and purpose for my life, the people that He said he was sending into my life began to show up. Good things will always be in my heart, and fervent prayer will always be to those who I needed to let go to grow. I have matured enough to know that when He takes away one who is not on His course, to praise Him in advance for the 3, He will bring in place.

Letting go to grow is more significant than us! We are not here on this earth to merely exist but to be about God’s business of building His Kingdom and possessing the land for what is to come! So, do not be afraid to let that thing go, kill that lousy habit, saying goodbye to that person, or releasing that situation. Be bold! Be unapologetic! Be daring! Be resilient! Be consistent! Be strong! Be a Warrior! “Faithing it allows you to make it!” ©

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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