Letting Go To Be Free


There is an osmosis approach when looking at how we should let go. In this process, you have to comprehend and boldly move forward into the newness. When you have arrived at a place of complete maturation, continuing becomes an irritant that brings discomfort. Why do you think it takes us long to let things go? Once you can evaluate the overall value and quality of your life, you must move. Though the movement has to be swift because time is the most valuable asset we have, it's precious. If you are not in the mindset to release things but feel the need to hold on or have a sense of entitlement, you are not ready. The journey to letting go to be free is straightforward. Still, it requires being fed up with mediocracy, hurts, disappointments, and stagnation. To be direct, you need to have the "over it" attitude.

In my journey with learning how to let go to be free, it took me some time. Eventually, I had to evaluate and realize is what I'm holding on to, helping me grow or keeping me stagnant and stuck. I answered this question truthfully after thinking about it for a while, and I started moving so fast I couldn't keep up. Then I began putting things in place of how I wanted my life to materialize and unfold. Next, some people, things, situations, and circumstances could no longer occupy the space I needed to fill. There were many thoughts of what others would say, how they would perceive me, and their judgments. But I was purposeful and solely focused on my life and how I saw it, and I made the best decision of choosing myself.

There has to be a realization that people's opinions or critiques of you don't matter. It then becomes a "them" problem, and you are not involved. We have to live the life that we see through our eyes, not the life others want for us through their eyes. Intentionality sets precedence for our renewed character to show and journey forth into our vibrancy to shine and live fully in our purpose. We don't need permission from people to do the things only we can do in our lives and for ourselves. Suppose people are consistently trying to dictate your life. In that case, there's something in their own life that they don't want to evaluate and get in order. Run fast away from these types of people and situations! They're disastrous!. I firmly believe this. God gave you this life, and He is the only one we should seek approval or direction from in regards to everything we decide, want, or desire to do.

Now, it's time to gain your authority back and be the governor of your life. Seek to convince and prove to yourself, stay positive and assertive, and have the determination and ambition to succeed. Today, start LETTING GO TO BE FREE!

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