Humble Beginnings

Hello Warrior Woman,

How have you been doing? I hope that you and your loved ones have conquered this new normal by finding creative ways to share the love still. I know that this last month has been quite challenging. As a nation, we have had to social distance ourselves from one another as a protective mechanism to “flatten the curve.” For many, this has been difficult to maintain as we thrive from human contact. God did not create us to live in isolation from one another.

What have been some things that you have done differently? Did you have time to learn something new or perhaps finish that project that you needed a little more time to complete? Did you read a book? How about binged watched some of your favorite shows? May be even started something new? Well, I had an opportunity to complete and create some new tasks of my own. I rearranged my bedroom and office and added some colorful decorations. My sisters and I motivated one another over video chat as we bought and repotted some plants. I have been able to start my mornings at 4:45 with prayer and worship to my Father God. Also, walking mid-mornings before work at noon. However, there is still so much I plan to do with the time I have of being able to work from home.

My Warrior Woman, I just want to encourage you to continue to soar in all that you put your mind to do. In the midst of what may look like too big of a task starts with one thing. First, believe in your heart that you are a conqueror, and that will overflow into your mindset—standing firm in the faith. Please know that you have a Warrior sister praying for you always. Because I know where our strength comes from, heaven above, and I will proudly stand in the gap on your behalf.

Therefore, Warrior Woman, as we have completed April and step into the beginning of May, be vigilant and steadfast knowing that you can and will do “all things through Christ who has given you the strength. Please know that you don’t need to know everything about what you have in your heart to do, you just need a desire to want it, a plan to execute it, and He will do the rest by bringing it into your existence.

P.ushed I.nto M.y P.urposeful E.ternal D.estination by God

(PIMPED byGod)©

Allie Quote, Written 9/15/2019

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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