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Updated: Jun 3

Hello Warrior Woman,

We all have a story that God wants us to share. His word says, “They overcame by the words of their testimonies.” {Revelation 12:11 NIV} Therefore, throughout our journey together, I want to share my many testimonies with you in the hope of empowering you to live a life of peace with God. My journey started when I was an eight-year-old girl. Over the years, I have dealt with sexual abuse, caring for a parent who struggled with mental illness. Raising my younger siblings, teenage pregnancy, coming out as a lesbian, self-acceptance, the loss of both parents as well as many self-identity and self-hatred issues. All while I was experiencing these situations, God was always present.

Although, my intimacy did not genuinely start with Him until my late 20s early 30s. Somehow, I always knew I had a higher calling on my life to do more. I struggled with what that was for me because I was not like others and did not have the collective talents they did. Until recently, I have discovered just what He will have me do. He wanted me to turn the famous question we all ask when we experience something so tragic and devastating, “Why?” With this newfound understanding, creativity, and love for writing is where this blog was birth, “OvercomeHer.”

My sincerest hope is to finally have the ears to hear God’s calling on my life, the eyes to see Him, the hands to labor for Him, the body to submit to Him, and the feet to walk beside Him. I know that for me to step into my purpose, I must have unwavering faith to do the many things that He has created me for, as well as given me dreams and visions in regards to. I want to honor Him with all of me, according to His word.

However, to do that, I must learn consistency and accountability with myself before He can entrust me with any laboring tasks. Knowing the more close, consistent, and accountable I make myself available to God, the more the enemy will try to come against me, and I must position myself and always be ready to fight!

I hope that God builds me up stronger and mightier this time around that I might be fit for this battle of spiritual warfare. Warrior Woman, let’s overcome and win together!

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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