Flickering Flames

Hello Warrior Woman,

How many of you love candles? I love them! They are in all six rooms in my townhouse. What I admire the most about the candle, are the flames. The flame is the focal point, and it gives the candle the ability to shine the light where needed. Have you ever just sat and watched a candle burn? Yes, I have, and I find it to be fascinating to see how something small, simple, and often underappreciated can make a room shine bright with light. As I was sitting the other day, I thought of how we all are candles. Each of us created in various shapes, colors, and scents. Our candles continue to flicker during all the trials, times of rest, storms, quietness, battles, wins, darkness, and peace that we have endured. Though the flame flickers, it never goes out. Even when there have been times where we may have felt defeated or uncertain of a particular path to take. Stressed or worried about personal matters of our hearts either directly related to us or going on around us in our families, workplaces, churches, schools, the world, etc. These things cause our flames to flicker, but they never go out. Think of the wax that’s keeping the candle burning. God is what is keeping our fires lit. Psalms 109:105 says, “For your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

Therefore, let us rest in knowing that God is present when our flames are flickering. He does His best work when we’re flickering because He can always rekindle the flame. They will always be things attempting to put out our fire. Remember that the candle burns until it has burned down to the end of the wick. We have to allow ourselves to look at everything with spiritual lenses. When we continue to equip ourselves with the tools that God has given us through Christ Jesus, then we can wage war against all things that come to kill our flames. Proverbial to the times that the world is currently enduring. Worldwide shut down due to a pandemic, the first-ever, and will forever be a part of history. For introverts such as myself, this is our everyday. We gladly retreat to our homes, recharging to get back out and do it all over again. This is a time for everyone to return to the center of self and reconnect with the Higher Power, the Lord Jesus Christ as our Father God predestined in His word before the ages of time.

In closing, it is my hope that we all get through this worldwide shutdown and come out stronger, better, more resilient, and always ready to weather the next storm(s) here on this earth. God told us in His word what is to come and the storms that we come to interrupt our paths, but He promised to be our way maker and very present help in the time of every need. Therefore, I challenge you to seek Him, and you will find, to knock and wait for Him to open the doors and to ask, believing that it will be answered according to His plans. Do not allow the storms and flickering flames of this life to determine your life, the one that He has already planned. Seek Him first, and all His righteousness having faith that all things will be added unto you. (Emphasis mine)


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