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Updated: May 16

Hello Warrior Woman,

I hope and pray that this message finds you do well and living a life of peace and abundance.

Please allow me to get formerly acquainted with you. My name is Alvina. My birthday is on January 4th, and I am 39 years old. I was born in St. Louis, MO, and raised in Detroit, MI. I am the fourth of 6 children (by my Mom) and the youngest and only girl of 3 (by my Father). My childhood roots began on the Northwest side of Detroit but took me further into many other communities, including Highland Park and Hamtramck. Exposure to different cultures at an early age has always intrigued me. My love for others never stayed in my immediate community. I must say God has been working in and through me, and I did not even know.

Also, I am the proud Mom of a 21-year-old King. He is the greatest blessing that God has given me! My current work is as a supervisor in a high-volume call center sales department for a well-known company in Michigan. I love to worship the Holy Spirit, and I love my 5:00 am morning prayer and intimate time with God. It sets the tone for my day by asking Him to allow me to be a blessing to someone and let someone be a blessing to me. I love listening to jazz, spiritual motivations, and dancing to gospel house music in my living room. I enjoy cuddling up with a non-fiction book while drinking a cup of tea. Most importantly spending time with my family.

Additionally, I’m working on building a foundation for my other businesses. I love watching movies, thrift shopping for clothes, and lighthouses (Yes, I’m guilty-I collect them). I strive to stay healthy by meal prepping and spending time at the gym and also studying various subjects, and things in life to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and aware. Oh, yes, and of course, my writing! Writing is my center, and I started writing when I was six years old. My Mom saw my desire and helped cultivate it. Writing is the one thing that if I could not do it—I would be incomplete. My current work is my memoir, and I am learning to be more consistent with writing every day at least 600 words.

Additionally, I do have a church home where I pay my tithes and offering. However, I have not attended since March 2019. I have been visiting other churches, but God has already told me that it is past time to go home. What I learned throughout my many journeys; it is to be obedient to what God says. Because if not, He has a way of humbling us and breaking our self-righteous spirit.

Now that you know a little about me, I would like to know about you. Where are you from? What are some of the ways that God is moving in your life? What does your free time entail? How is your prayer life? Do you worship with others? Are you spiritually fed at your church home?

Always be blessed and highly favored,


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