A Word From The Founder

OvercomeHer Life LLC is a social enterprise business. We embody resilience, tenacity, and peace while triumphing from various life obstacles. We reach back to help others overcome, heal by bringing more peace into the world, one city at a time.

This website is an intimate personal testimony of overcoming familial childhood sexual abuse, living in darkness for 20 years, caring for a parent with mental illness, coping with grief from losing loved ones, and standing in truth to my identity as a Black lesbian and strong faith-filled Christian woman. I suffered alone, in darkness, shame, and pain.

Today, I am choosing to pivot by using my pain to push me into my purpose. My growth has come from the personal encounters I am blessed to have with people who needed to hear my story of how I went through a traumatic experience in my life and turn it into a positive platform to impact social change in the world. Healing is a daily process and synonymous with everyone. God created us for one another so no one would be alone in this development. It humbles me to hear the personal stories and testimonies I have received from people on how sharing my story helped them see their lives differently and are on the path to healing and finding peace.

Soar Like An Eagle, Be Free, Heal
Still I Soar Like An Eagle

Although every day has its challenges, I will remain transparent and somewhat vulnerable but constantly growing! I am on a healing journey and freeing myself of the things I have endured throughout my many paths. I am exploring and journeying further in my walk into my God-given purpose as He uses my gifts to make room for me. To encourage people through my words and my perception of looking at all things positively. It is my absolute responsibility to be a beacon of light for others to see a way to freedom.

OvercomeHer Life, LLC was birthed from many visions that God had revealed to me over the past ten years. Today, it is my fuel to “soar above all and everything that has come or will come to impede my journey. I am healing, and I am an OvercomeHer!

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