OvercomeHer Life Ethics



Our mission is to support people as they heal from the traumas and tragedies they have experienced in their lives.



Our vision is to spread love and peace throughout the world, one city at a time.



Our objective is to travel the world and be light to others by telling our personal stories and becoming OvercomeHers.



Our goal is to live in a world where people are not suffering alone in darkness but can find the light by communicating with others who have experienced similar situations.



Our focus is to help women, men, young adults, and children see a future without pain and suffering from past experiences.



Our principles are to be resilient, tenacious, and peaceful.


Core Values

Our core values are to respect our clients' anonymity, provide realistic solutions, and always remain transparent.



Our inspiration is to overcome by our stories and testimonies' to heal the world and generations to come.